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How WastePlace Works For Businesses


Waste & recycling can be a convoluted process. New services are time consuming to set up, and contract terms are difficult to compare. Join WastePlace Pro today, and let us do the work for you. Our comprehensive marketplace handles every aspect of your disposal needs. We offer options for every service including junk removal, dumpster rental, Hazardous Waste, And Commercial Business Disposal. Streamline the bidding process and set up a trusted network of service providers for your business today!

Business Rewards 

WastePlace offers a cash back rewards system that is connected to your spending level. We also offer nonprofits a customized rewards program that allows them to leverage their disposal spend and raise funds for their organization. Contact us today to learn more. 


Competitive Pricing 

WastePlace Pro gives every business the ability to test the market. Get a competitive rate, and hold your hauler accountable for providing great service. WastePlace Pro Customers always have access to haulers they know and trust, but can also send jobs to auction to capitalize on the changing market conditions. 


Contract Expiration Date Tracker  

Do you have a contract? Do you know when it expires? With WastePlace Pro there are no surprises when it comes to your service agreement. Leveraging our platform to bid out your disposal services puts you in full control. WastePlace Pro will track your expiration date to ensure it never rolls over without your permission. 


Access Haulers by Location

Does your business have multiple locations? Sick of researching reputable and insured hauling companies? WastePlace Pro protects your locations by filtering uninsured haulers from bidding on your work. The Pro platform is based around elite customer service. Our technology allows you to leverage our vast network of haulers while only receiving one invoice from WastePlace. 


Save Time

Are you spending too much time dealing with your waste and recycling service? Time is money, and WastePlace Pro gives it back to you. Let our technology manage the disposal process for you. Review past jobs, track current ones, bid out future requests, and manage your expenses all in one place! 


Five Star Customer Service 

Are you happy with your current service? With WastePlace Pro you have every hauler at your fingertips. Find out what customers are saying about haulers in your area before you commit to an agreement. Our unique technology allows you to build a network of trustworthy service providers to handle every aspect of your disposal needs.     


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