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Report: Paving roads with cigarette butts could reduce waste, thermal conductivity

Researchers at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia have published a report that highlights an environmentally-conscious way to pave roads with cigarette butt litter, according to a release...

Austin, TX to continue Simple Recycling program despite drop in customers

Despite disinterest from customers in Austin, TX, Simple Recycling will continue to offer its textile recycling program, as reported by KXAN. It is speculated that the continual drop-off of customers is rooted in concerns that a curbside textile recycling program negatively impacts local charities that depend on such goods. 

Talkin' Trash with Waste Dive: Organics diversion is here to stay in NYC. What's next?

Reducing and diverting food waste is all the rage in cities these days, and New York is trying to become the organics diversion capital of the country. The city now has the largest curbside residential organics program in the country and recently announced plans to expand its commercial diversion requirements too. 

Procter & Gamble launches new polypropylene venture with PureCycle

Procter & Gamble has licensed a polypropylene recycling technology to PureCycle and teamed up with the firm for a new $120 million facility in Ohio to bring the technology to scale. A groundbreaking event was held for the project on July 20, with details reported by Plastics News and Plastics Recycling Update.

Greenpeace: Apple, Samsung products among biggest contributors of e-waste

In an assessment of 40 tablet, smartphone and laptop models across 17 brands, Greenpeace East Asia and iFixit found that around 70% of surveyed devices had batteries that were "impossible or difficult" to replace. Only 14 of 44 tested batteries were designed to be easily replaced by end-users, according to Greenpeace.