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Get Paid By Marketing WastePlace To Your Customers 

Introducing WastePlace Connections! Now you can leverage our marketplace to expand your network, service area, and lines of business. This is a referral program, where instead of pushing your customers elsewhere when they ask for a service you don't provide, you can make money by directing them to the WastePlace network. Effortlessly refer your customers to WastePlace for the lines of business you don't offer, through our suite of integration tools, and earn 20% revenue share per matched job listing. Eliminate the frustration of not providing a comprehensive solution for your customers by giving them instant disposal estimates right within your website, as well as direct access to the WastePlace network of quality service providers.  



Integration Tools 

Effortlessly refer your customers to WastePlace through our referral button program on your website. Earn 20% revenue share from any customers that click your referral button for lines of business you don't offer, or areas you don't service. Earning revenue as a WastePlace Connections Partner is easy. Your referral button is linked to your unique affiliate referral ID. Each month, WastePlace issues you automatic payments of revenue earned, directly though ACH deposit.


Promotional Codes 

This is for customers who call your company either looking for a service you don't provide, or they are requesting service outside of your area. Refer this customer to WastePlace by offering a unique Promo Code that will link that customer to your WastePlace Connections account. The Promo Code will also offer the customer 5% off their service while linking you to your 20% revenue share.