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How WastePlace Works

1. We email you nearby waste management, dumpster rental or junk removal jobs.

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3. When you win a job, confirm details with the client and coordinate your schedule.

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WastePlace has provided us with a door to new leads and customers. With our competitive pricing & their easy to navigate bidding, it has been a successful partnership.

- Marnie, Al's Rubbish

WastePlace provides a unique service that previously didn’t exist within our industry. WastePlace encourages competition, which ensures great service & price every time!

- Colter, Bin There Dump That, Austin

We’ve been using WastePlace for more than a year now. They are very diligent when it comes to sending quality leads, allowing us to submit accurate bids.

- John, Aardvark Junk Removal

Start bidding on waste hauling jobs today!


Recently Booked Jobs

Haulers are making more money on WastePlace jobs today.

Construction Site Waste for Bid

Location Type: Commercial construction site

Materials: Construction waste

Volume: 20-yd roll-off dumpster

Price: $550/haul (Bids: 3)

Location: Gardner, MA 01440

Furniture Removal Job

Location Type: Apartment, first floor

Materials: Furniture

Volume: 4 truckloads

Price: $94/load (Bids: 2)

Location: San Antonio, TX 78217

Hotel Waste Services Contract

Location Type: Hotel

Materials: Trash, recycling

Volume: 6yd + 8yd front load, 3x/weekly

Price: $1210/mo (Bids: 2)

Location: Mansfield, MA 02048

Compactor & Recycling Lead

Location Type: Apartment complex

Materials: Trash & recycling

Volume: 30yd compactor + 8yd, weekly

Price: $3230/mo (Bids: 1)

Location: San Antonio, TX 78229

Home Build 20-yd Dumpster Job

Location Type: Residential construction

Materials: Wood, sheetrock

Volume: 20-yd roll-off

Price: $480/haul (Bids: 5)

Location: Houston, TX 77015

Construction Junk Haul

Location Type: House, outside

Materials: Construction waste

Volume: 1 truckload

Price: $131/load (Bids: 2)

Location: Friendswood, TX 77546

WastePlace Hauler FAQ

How is WastePlace different from a broker?

When you book a job through WastePlace, you and the customer will interact through the WastePlace platform – but it's your customer, and they chose you based on your reputation, rather than getting assigned to you by a broker. While you will agree to some terms online through our automated system – namely pricing, contract length and renewal – you can also upload your own standard terms and conditions.

How do I get paid?

That's important, right? WastePlace manages customer payments through our online platform. All you have to do is send us monthly invoices and we make the magic happen. We're continuously working to streamline and automate this process for you.

What types of leads are available?

WastePlace currently provides leads for junk removal, dumpster rental, recurring service, recycling and compactor rental and service. For dumpster rental leads, you are able to bid based on container size and overage rates. For recurring commercial service and compactor service leads, you are able to bid for 12-, 24- and 36-month contracts. Service requests and adjustments over the course of these contracts is all handled online through the WastePlace platform.

How does WastePlace make money?

We only make money when you make money. It's free to join, browse new hauling leads, bid on jobs and manage services. We take a platform fee when you get paid. This supports our technology development and securing more leads for you to bid on, as well as the dedicated staff here to help your business thrive.

How does communication work?

Every job you book has a private chat conversation where you can communicate with your customer. We will notify you by email or text message when you have a new message about a job you have booked or are bidding on. This creates a permanent conversation history so there's never any question about who said what when, and you can even upload images.

How does automatic bidding work?

You can automate your bidding with our Instant Rates feature. Our hauler team will work with you to enter your standard rates for various service types and levels – then when a customer posts a new job that matches those criteria, they'll immediately see your rates. If they choose your rate, you'll have 24 hours to confirm, so you are protected should you need to make any adjustments based on the specifics of their job.

Still have questions?