Removing Moving Waste: WastePlace Partners with uShip

September 29, 2020
Removing Moving Waste: WastePlace Partners with uShip

“I just need some space.”

In a world where most find themselves forced to spend more if not all of their time at home, it is a refrain that has been spoken with mounting frequency. Sometimes it is shouted out of frustration with the other inhabitants of the same space (we can’t really help you there), but often it is muttered under one’s breath while staring at a pile of junk that needs to stop occupying said space – that junk just needs to be gone.

As more folks seek a change of space, moving homes to accommodate remote offices, room for kids to roam and other lifestyle adjustments, WastePlace is partnering with uShip to help prevent needless clutter from making the move with you.

uShip is an online marketplace for moving and shipping services, helping customers get competitive rates online without having to call around – and for customers with waste removal needs during their move, the WastePlace marketplace experience should feel quite familiar.

So what does this mean for you?

For Customers

WastePlace will help uShip customers find affordable and reliable junk removal haulers with instant rates and competitive bids for the job.

For Haulers

Expect more high-quality junk removal jobs to bid on from uShip customers that need their junk gone so they can complete their move and start enjoying their space.

“Moving is a hassle, but uShip removes the pain of calling around to get multiple bids. Now WastePlace can help folks mark one more thing off the moving checklist,” says WastePlace Co-Founder and CEO Gary LaBreck. “Both services help keep cost down, so we should be able to create some doubly happy customers.”

The partnership will start with a simple referral process, but we’ll be exploring other ways to expand the relationship, particularly around the recurring waste and shipping needs of business customers currently using either service.

“WastePlace has always had uShip ties, with key advisors, investors and employees with uShip roots involved early on,” says WastePlace Co-Founder and CMO Rachel LaBreck. “We’re excited to establish an official partnership and continue to grow together.”

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