Top 4 Global Zero Waste Blogs To Follow

September 26, 2022
Top 4 Global Zero Waste Blogs To Follow

Living in a society prone to pointing fingers whenever possible, one can easily forget most of us grew up in the dark when it comes to being green and need a little help getting there. For many, out of sight always meant out of mind when it came to waste. Now that we’ve had our eyes opened to the reality of what being wasteful really means, a global movement to become zero waste — both in our homes and our businesses — has sparked inspiration amongst our youth and beyond.

Zero waste bloggers are doing the research and living what they preach, so you can make the changes you need to get your lifestyle greener, cleaner, and less… well, meaner to the planet. They’re the ones leading the change and educating the rest of us on how to be greener human beings.

Whether you’ve just begun your zero waste journey or you began making huge strides way before Greta Thunberg told us to, following these zero-waste bloggers will help you not only achieve your goals but maintain an entire lifestyle as well.

1. Reusable Nation

What makes the Aussie-based founders Vicky and Dave so helpful is that they cover just about everything a zero-waste lifestyle entails. Whether you need help with your deodorant selection, learning how to DIY all your bathroom products, or how to shop online and still be eco-friendly, these two have the knowledge to get you to your goals.

They also help you with how to gift sustainably, have eco-friendly holidays, and even travel with the planet in mind.

2. Zero Waste Chef

Chef Anne-Marie Bonneau’s blog focuses on going zero waste in the kitchen. Food waste is a huge global issue, one we can all do our part on correcting as much as possible just by being far more mindful of how we look at food scraps and packaging. Her blog doesn’t just cover what you can do locally; it covers how you can make an impact on a global level such as helping with the crisis in the Amazon rainforest.

Learn how to shop with the earth in mind as Bonneau supplies you with endless smart recipes and menus and walks you through the lifestyle changes needed in order to make a difference.

3. Zero Waste Home

Bea Johnson is widely known as the OG of zero waste bloggers. Her website is packed with valuable information such as a free bulk finder and includes an online store of products to help you transition from a wasteful lifestyle to a reusable, recyclable one. Her book, Zero Waste Home, is available in pretty much every language so you can buy one for yourself and everyone you love around the world to inspire change.

4. Zero Waste Guy

Jonathan Levy’s blog is a wealth of information on global waste, what it looks like, and how companies and other organizations are making strides to correct the damage. His experience includes supply chain optimization in warehousing and distribution, so you know the guy knows what wasteful production looks like.

His goal is to educate the world on how large corporations can go zero waste, something we wish all companies would work towards today.

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