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Applied Roofing Systems has over 60 years of roofing experience. They are certified and equipped to handle all types of roofing systems and repairs. They pride themselves on providing customers with the highest quality, most affordable solution, for all of their roofing needs. Applied Roofing handles projects across New England, and has the ability to deal with multiple jobs at any given time.

The Scenario

Applied Roofing Systems handles roofing jobs across New England, and often has projects going on simultaneously at multiple locations. The issue they came, across over the years was finding the best dumpster rental company for each job. They found out quickly that very few companies service all areas, and those that did, were expensive and didn’t always have a dumpster available. Applied Roofing then had to call multiple haulers to explore availability around delivery, container size, insurance, and pricing. Vetting each hauler is a mandatory process to make sure they have the insurance, and pricing. Dealing with multiple haulers, resulted in a lot of extra man hours, paperwork, and invoices, which got frustrating over time.

The Solution

WastePlace is the first on-demand platform for the waste and recycling industry. We offer a network of fully insured and vetted haulers across Massachusetts. WastePlace allows Applied Roofing Systems to handle all of their disposal needs in one place. They can now request a quote for service in each job location, and receive bids back from local haulers who have availability around their requested delivery date. Through the WastePlace platform they can request additional hauls, and communicate with their chosen hauler. At the end of each project they receive one invoice from WastePlace. Since partnering with WastePlace they have seen significant reduction in unnecessary man hours, paperwork, and overall cost.

As a business owner, time is my most valuable asset. WastePlace automated the bidding process and ensures I get the best price and service every time.

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