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Aquila Commercial is a full service, premier commercial real estate firm serving owners, tenants, developers and investors in the Austin Metro area. They pride themselves on their extensive knowledge of all things Austin including property values, market trends, and investment opportunities. Their best-in-industry property management services include capital improvements, accounting and reporting, and vendor management.

The Scenario

Aquila has four property managers that oversee 30 residential, commercial, and industrial properties in the Austin area. The property managers are frequently tasked with managing the trash and recycling for all of their properties and tenants. Every property has different needs, requiring extensive research, phone calls, and time. This was often a frustrating process. Missed pickups, communication gaps, and juggling multiple waste vendors to handle the requirements of each individual space took up a great deal of time.

The Solution

WastePlace is the first automated online marketplace for the waste and recycling industry.  We offer a network of fully insured and vetted junk haulers in Austin, TX. The property managers at Aquila can now manage all of their junk removal needs in one place. They can access one platform to request new services and junk removal, manage billing, and report any service issues. WastePlace proprietary software tracks every request, ensuring vendors are held accountable for excellent customer service. Everything is now automated, which allows Aquila to quickly and efficiently manage all of their waste removal needs.

The time and date stamped communications through the WastePlace platform mean we can always hold our waste service providers accountable at any property. This has saved us time and money and simplified a previously frustrating process.

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