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Balanced is a full-service restaurant accounting and consulting services provider, working with multiple restaurant concepts in theAustin area while managing and operating their own Mr. Gatti’s locations in Austin, San Antonio, McAllen and West Texas. The Balanced executive team has 40+ years history with the Mr. Gatti’s brand in roles as diverse as corporate counsel, corporate employee, franchise employee and franchisee of multiple locations.

The Scenario

Growing a business in the middle of a pandemic seems unlikely. But when you’re good at what you do, nothing can stop you. In a recent acquisition, Balanced needed to set up trash, recycling and compost services for six locations. With restraints on social distancing and the usual sales processes, Nick Moore, President and COO, needed to set up new waste services quickly and without being on site.

The Solution

WastePlace is the first automated online marketplace for the waste and recycling industry.  We offer a network of fully insured and vetted haulers in Austin, TX, customized to our consumers’ needs and performance standards. Nick was able to request quotes, compare pricing and finalize new agreements in less than a day. He was able to chat with waste vendors and answer questions from his office. In a time when humans aren’t able to interact, Balanced was able to keep their business moving forward with WastePlace.

Managing the waste at our restaurants with WastePlace just makes sense. We get a fair price, and we’re able to manage and track service to ensure we’re getting what we pay for. Having one vendor setup, but being able to use any hauler we want, gives us the flexibility we need to remain our growth trajectory.

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