Summer Moon Coffee

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Summer Moon is a chain of wood-fired coffee shops that was started in Austin, TX in 2002. They proudly roast and serve 100% organic, fair trade coffee, as well as pastries and breakfast tacos in a quaint setting. All of their coffee comes from Central and South America, Africa, and Indonesia, and is custom roasted using Texas Oak, utilizing time honored traditions. They currently have 16 locations statewide, and also offer wholesale delivery of their coffee beans.

The Scenario

In 2017 the city of Austin introduced the Universal Recycling Ordinance. These new guidelines pushed Summer Moon to reevaluate their current trash and recycling program and the companies they were using for their disposal needs. As part of the URO, all restaurants and businesses with food waste must now have a separate stream for composting. Summer Moon needed to find a company that could help them with all aspects of their waste removal, and so began the painstaking process of searching for and calling multiple companies, getting quotes, setting up site visits, and more…

The Solution

WastePlace is the first automated online marketplace for the waste and recycling industry. We offer a network of fully insured and vetted haulers in Austin, TX, customized to our consumers’ needs and performance standards. The owners of Summer Moon were able to request a quote for new services and received bids back from local haulers who could set up everything they needed for trash, recycling and compost, ensuring that they are compliant with Austin’s new Universal Recycling Ordinance. This not only saved them time, but also money, as haulers bid against each other to try to win Summer Moons business. They can now access one platform to request new services and dumpster rental, lookup billing information, and report any service issues.

WastePlace makes it easy to take care of our trash and composting needs, so we can focus on what really matters: roasting the best beans we can offer!

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