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Roscoe Properties is an Austin-based, full service property management company with apartments in Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. Roscoe Properties is dedicated to enhancing their clients’ real estate value, ensuring that qualified renters are attracted to the properties and that they remain satisfied tenants once they move in.

The Scenario

Amanda Cox is the Regional Vice President for Roscoe Properties. One of Amanda’s many responsibilities is managing the facilities and sustainability goals for her portfolio. Amanda was getting frustrated with the very manual and time-consuming process of setting up waste and recycling services at each of her locations. Amanda and her team would have to call multiple haulers, wait for site visits, and spend countless hours comparing rates. In a world where almost everything is automated, Amanda wondered why there wasn’t an easier way…

The Solution

WastePlace is the first automated online marketplace for the waste and recycling industry. We offer a national network of fully insured and vetted haulers. Roscoe Properties now manages all of their locations’ disposal needs in one place. Amanda’s Property Managers log into their WastePlace account to communicate with their current service providers, and to request new services. WastePlace tracks their agreements with each provider, and automatically sends their service specifications out to bid during the cancellation/renewal. This allows them to take advantage of cost saving opportunities due to changing market conditions. Everything is now automated, which allows Roscoe Properties to spend time on higher priority tasks.

WastePlace is addressing all the pain points we have experienced while shopping for and managing our waste and recycling services!

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