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Ryan Companies was started in 1938 as a simple lumber distributor. Today they are a national builder, developer, designer and real estate manager based in Minneapolis, with branches all over the United States. Employing nearly 1300 workers, Ryan specializes in integrated project delivery, building information modeling, lean construction practices and sustainable design for office, retail, industrial, public sector, alternative energy, housing, and more.

The Scenario

Ryan was looking for a way to streamline and automate the dumpster rentals at their job sites. They were tired of missed pickups, dry runs and communication gaps. Ryan was tired of the archaic industry standards and searched for a solution that could solve all their pain points.

The Solution

WastePlace is the first automated online marketplace for the waste and recycling industry. We offer a network of fully insured and vetted haulers in Austin, TX, customized to Ryan Companies’ performance standards. Ryan Companies now manages all of its disposal needs in one place. Each project superintendent can access one platform to request new services and dumpster removal, manage billing, and report any service issues. WastePlace proprietary software tracks every request, ensuring vendors are held accountable for excellent customer service. Everything is now automated, which allows Ryan Companies to quickly and efficiently manage all of their waste removal needs.

"As a company committed to sustainability and integrating new technologies in our business strategies, we are very excited to implement this streamlined and innovative technology to handle our waste removal needs."

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